The desire to interact with people and understand their experiences and ideas actually 
stemmed from early exposures to people in a school setting. Tagging along with teachers 
and students allows for a practical understanding for the dynamics of the educational 
structure. The interaction between students, parents, principals as well as professional 
educators is a rewarding experience for everyone. The interaction allows us to see the 
reality from the perceptions of all the members involved in the learning process. 
This website is designed to allow for this interaction to happen………….




Assessment techniques are used to gather information for evaluation. Information gathered through assessment helps teachers determine students’ strengths and needs in their achievement and guides future instructional approaches. Teachers adapt the assessment tools that suits the taught subject and promoted content.



Academic Abbreviation

How many times were you bombarded with abbreviations that made you feel odd? 
Many people try to use some sophisticated terminologies to impress us and makes 
us feel that they know what we do not know.


Academic Dictionary

Find out the meaning of the most terminologies used in educational institutions



Daily Insights

Every day there is a new idea, a new invention and a new discovery. Every morning we 
welcome the day with a new insight that might enable us to resolve issues that are 
critical in our lives.



Differentiated Teaching Instruction

Differentiation is catering for students individual differences. It is the belief 
that individual differences are respected and appreciated in a learning environment. 
It is the faith in the abilities and capabilities of every individual student. 
Differentiated teaching instructions(DTI) is the strategy that we adapt to motivate 
each student to reach the best that he could reach within his available potential 



Distributed Leadership

Distributed Leadership is an attitude rather than a management technique. Under Distributed Leadership, everyone is responsible and accountable for leadership within his or her area.



Creative Cooperative Activities

Cooperative learning activities allow students to collaborate together to unfold the 
different layers of the rules and formulas by themselves. They will be able to 
construct the learning. They will be able to connect their classroom experiences 
to their real life which results in real learning experience.



Curriculum Mapping Design

Curriculum design is planning for the elements that will enable students to learn. 
It is the creation of all the effective experiences that adds up to a coherent 
and worthwhile program.



Ineffective and Effective Questioning Techniques

How? When? Why? What for? Where? How about? Can you? Have they? ....



Keywords used in Assessment Questions

Why students tend to provide wrong answers for assessment questions. 
Is it because they do not know? Is it because they do not know what to write? 
Is it because teachers did not provide them with the answering criteria?
The keywords that are used in standardized tests have standardized meanings. 
When the word "analyze" is mentioned then students are expected to provide specific 
explanation. Check the complete list of common keywords.

Mathematics Dictionary

Many terminologies can be confusing to students if they do not know their real meanings. 
Here is a list of main mathematical keywords and their meanings in brief


Mathematics Worksheets

Drill and practice in mathematics allows students to master the content knowledge and strengthen their numeracy skills.



Quality of Education

Three main components can tell how successful an educational program: 
teacher, learning environment, outcomes.



Student-Centered Learning

A student-centered learning environment places students at the heart of their 
learning journey. Students will be doing the work while teachers will be facilitating 
their learning without dictating they what to do. Students have the freedom to 
make choices. They have absolute ownership for their success and their failure. 
They know their strengths and weaknesses.



Teaching and Learning

Teaching is the art of communicating the information to the target audience or 
learners. Teaching is a humanitarian profession which have been and will continue 
to be the most respectful career. Teaching and learning is the process which 
allows students to discover their talents when interacting with their teachers 
in a respectful learning environment.



Technology….what message are you sending?

“Technology has nothing to do with education, technology is only

for fun, gaming, chatting, posting.”

Is this really what we want students to believe?




©Lara Abdallah 2016